No loaded firearms on the premises unless they are at the firing line pointed in a safe direction and no cease fire period is in effect.

 All range shooters are personally responsible for range safety and safe shooting.

 All shooters are legally representing that they are authorized to own and operate a firearm and are not subject to any legal restrictions.

 Everyone is required to wear hearing and eye protection while on premises.

 Firearms must be pointed down range

 During a cease fire all firearms are to be pointed down range, emptied, magazines      out and action open for the range to be considered safe.

 All rounds must impact a berm or a target. Shooters are responsible for projectiles leaving their firearms.

All shots must be aimed at authorized targets. No bump firing or shooting from the hip.

Tracers, incendiary, armored piercing, steel penetrator core ammunition is strictly prohibited.

No food is allowed in range area

Deposit all trash in containers

Alcohol is prohibited 

Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or any substance are prohibited from entering the range areas.

Any firearm chambered in 50 BMG or capable of producing equivalent energy is prohibited.

All shooters are asked to police and pick up their brass after each session

All shooters are asked to return any paper target stand they are using after each session 

 Shooter must abide by all commands

failure to abide by these commands will result in being asked to leave and potentially being restricted form future range use.