Defensive Pistol

The course teaches basic personal protection and defensive shooting techniques using a semi automatic handgun

  • Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
  • Presentation from a Holster (Draw)
  • Target Acquisition
  • Target Selection and Engagement
  • Emergency Action Drills
  • After Action DrillsCover and Concealment 
  • Forward, Retreat and Lateral Movement
  • Dominant and Non-Dominant Hand Shooting
  • Clearing Malfunctions

Course cost $250

Practical Defensive Shotgun

The course teaches personal defense shooting techniques using shotguns. The course is 6 hours of tactical range exercises. The course requires a semi-automatic or pump action shotgun, dump pouch/shell holder 200 rounds of bird shot, 10 rounds of 00 buck shot, and 10 slugs. No prior experience is required. 

Course Cost $250

Long Range (Scoped) Rifle Level 1 and Level 2

The course teaches long range shooting techniques using semi-automatic or bolt-action scoped rifles. The course is 6 hours and covers optics, sighting-in, and ballistics, and tactics.  No prior experience is required. Course cost $250. 

The Class  will provide  an introduction to many of the skills that are essential to long range shooting. The class will help  the shooter be proficient in zeroing their rifle, manipulating their scope, and to be confident in engaging long range targets . This course will consist of 6 hours of range instruction .

Proper weapons setup
Focusing & eliminating parallax
Scope manipulation
Mil & Moa
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Rifle zero & techniques
100-400 yard drills

Intro to alternate shooting positions
Course debrief

Shooter should have a rifle chambered in any caliber ranging from .223 up to .300 Winchester Magnum. Scopes of 10x or higher magnification are recommended to complete the paper drills. Your rifle must be capable of shooting 1" groups or better at 100 yards. We highly recommend as a new shooter that you bring a short action rifle chambered in .308 as opposed to a heavy recoiling magnum caliber rifle.

- Rifle with bipod or some sort of shooting platform to shoot in the prone position.
- Hearing protection
- Eye protection
- Scope tools, wrenches,
- Note pad, pen or pencil
- Appropriate clothing
- Rear support bag or sand sock

Optional items:
- Spotting Scope
- Sunscreen
- Hat
- Shooting mat

100 rds minimum -Factory "MATCH" ammunition.  If you plan to use hand loads, they must function properly and be safe. Unsafe ammunition will not be allowed to continue to fire and train.

Students should come with an open mind and willingness to learn. Shooter should be willing to make mistakes and receive corrective actions. The shooter will be required to have the proper gear and equipment in order to conduct training. Failure of your gear, ammo and equipment is the sole responsibility of the student. If your equipment is inadequate and/or unsafe then you will finish this
course in an observer role or if you have a shooting buddy willing to loan you their equipment.
We expect the shooter to have a working knowledge of the weapon and equipment that they bring to the course. Shooter should be proficient with loading and unloading their weapons and they should display safe gun handling skills at all times. Safety is our first concern everything else is secondary. 









Long Range Rifle Level 1 - April 18, May 16,  July 25, September 13, and October 18, 2020

Long Range Rifle Level 2 - June 13 & August 9, 2020

Defensive Pistol - May 9 2020

Defensive Shotgun - TBD

All civilian courses are limited to 14 participants and held from 9:00am - 4:00pm

A current valid New York State Pistol Permit is required for all SDW pistol courses

Additional Long-Range and Scoped Rifle, Defensive Pistol, Defensive Rifle, Defensive Shotgun, Law Enforcement, and Military Instructor Discipline Shooting Courses are available by appointment

Please contact us to schedule a class, one-on-one instruction, or a custom group event